Howard University Employees Federal Credit Union

HUCASH Line of Credit

A line of credit is an open-ended loan that you can borrow against, up to your credit limit, any time you need cash. The amount available to you replenishes as you repay your loan. Repayment may be made automatically by direct deposit or payroll deduction.
  • Maximum line of credit amount is up to 15% of base salary not to exceed $10,000
  • Minimum line of credit is $2,000
  • HUCASH interest rate is fixed at 8.95% APR
  • Repayment is based on a loan term of 2.2 years
  • Minimum advance is $25.00
  • HUCASH Line of credit may be accessed for checking overdraft protection
  • Credit Life and Disability insurance is available

Click here to print the loan application and return it by fax to 202-518-0391.

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