Howard University Employees Federal Credit Union

Share Certificates

If you’re looking for an extremely safe way to invest some of your savings‚ then look no further than HUEFCU’s Share Certificates. Certificates offer a guaranteed return greater than your regular share savings account provides. They also enjoy the same strong federal insurance protection‚ up to $250‚000 worth of coverage‚ as other deposits to HUEFCU accounts.

Share certificates are sometimes referred to as term deposits because they offer a convenient way to invest your savings for a specific term ranging from 6 months to 3 years.*

When a deposit reaches the end of its term‚ it matures and you can withdraw the money or let it roll over‚ that is‚ reinvest it for a second term. Regular share certificates require an investment of at least $500. Members may also choose our “Dream Builder” share certificate‚ which requires an investment of only $100 along with bi-weekly deposits via payroll deduction or share transfer.

*There are penalties for early withdrawals.

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